Scholarship Application Guidance

Applying scholarship is not merely filling the application form then waiting for a good result come to you. However application  is the first and the main step for you to be considered to receive a scholarship. The committee selection will deliberate firstly your application before they decide to include you in short listed candidates, for the next process – usually interview process. Application form which is provided well would be a very good first impression for the assessors. It means your chance to be invited for interview session would be bigger. In order to help you in preparing a good application, here are some tips that might be useful for you to win a scholarship.
  • Conducting research about the scholarship. This is the first thing you have to before you fill the application. You should have enough and accurate information all things that related to the scholarship you want to apply for. Including in this preliminary step are acquiring more information of the scholarship providers, their mission or goal of the awards, things that will be covered by the scholarship(full or waiver) and so on.
  • Understanding the conditions. You have to make sure that you are eligible for the scholarship and able to fulfill all the requirements needed.
  • Pay attention to the submission date. A good application can not be made in one day. Some scholarship winners make their application including the essay, curriculum vitae and letter of recommendation during weeks even months. Therefore you should schedule well of this, and make sure that your application will be submitted before the deadline.
  • Read carefully the instruction. Before you begin to writie, of course you have know about the rule. As an example, sometimes the scholarship provider ask you a limited words for your response. So just do exactly what they want.
  • Give your relevant response for all things required in the application form. Remember you should provide accurate information. Don’t ever try to cheat the assessor.
  • Grammar and Punctuation. This will show to the assessor that you have carefully fill or made your application and of course a good point for you.
  • Remind your self to double check your completed application before you send it. 
  • Also double check all the supporting documents that will be sent together with your application form