European Central Bank Program, A Job Opportunity

The European Central Bank (ECB) is seeking up to 12 highly talented recent postgraduates for its 2012 Graduate Programme (GP).
The GP is a two-year programme which aims to provide its participants with a unique development opportunity and valuable on-the-job experience, as well as with a clear insight into the ECB’s functions and operations. Selected candidates will also gain exposure to the policy-making process of the ECB. Whilst many of the ECB’s functions would benefit from participants with a background in (macro-)economics, the GP is also open to those with a different academic background.
On the basis of their field of expertise and in line with the prevailing organisational needs of the ECB, participants in the GP will receive two challenging assignments of one year in two different divisions of the bank. Participants will be expected to contribute fully to the work of the divisions to which they are assigned and to work on a wide variety of issues broadly relating to their educational background. During the second year of the programme, participants will write and present a project paper. The successful completion of the programme will be assessed by a Graduate Programme Committee on the basis of performance reports and the project paper.
The selected candidates will benefit from in-house training opportunities (e.g. task-oriented and information-oriented skills, area-specific technical training, trainings in writing skills, language skills, IT and personal and interpersonal skills) as well as extensive on-the-job learning.

Qualifications and experience
The successful candidates must have the following knowledge and competencies:
  • A postgraduate degree, preferably a PhD, in economics, finance and markets, statistics, financial/commercial/EU law, political and social science, business administration, communications or information technology, obtained not more than two years prior to applying to the Graduate Programme. PhD students or students studying for a second postgraduate degree in one of the disciplines mentioned who are close to completing their studies are also eligible to apply.
  • An outstanding academic record is required.
  • An interest in a broad range of functional areas of the ECB, as well as a general interest in central banking activities.
  • Outstanding analytical skills.
  • A very good command of English with excellent drafting ability. A working knowledge of at least one other official language of the EU is also required.
  • Advanced IT skills and a practical knowledge of MS Office applications, in particular Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 
Behaviour Competences
The successful candidate will have the following behavioural competencies:
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Self-motivation and initiative.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team in a multicultural environment.
  • Strong commitment to learn and a strong drive to achieve results.
  • Interest, flexibility and adaptability to work on a wide range of tasks in different functional areas.
Application Procedure
Closing date for applications:  9 December 2011
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