International Master Scholarship at Ghent University, A Master Grants for Students from Developing Countries Belgium

Ghent University in Belgium annually announces a master scholarship program which is specifically available for international students who coming from any developing countries. The master scholarship will offer full package to the successful applicants. This award is offered on annual basis.
Program Description
During its meeting of 23 May 2001, the Board of Directors decided that special measures would be taken to provide postgraduate scholarships to candidates from developing countries who wish to obtain a master's degree at Ghent University. The scholarship consists of an allowance of €1000 per month and the yearly tuition fee with a maximum of 80€. Once you get an intstallation fee of 500€. In case of increased tuition fee for the master's programme, Ghent University will only reimburse the refundable part. Airline ticket and visa costs are carried by the student. 

Award Amount
  • Allowance of €1000 per month.    
  • One-time only installation fee of €500
  • Insurance (health, civil liability, repatriation)
  • Yearly reimbursement of the tuition fee with a maximum of €80
Eligibility and Criteria
Degree: Applicants for master's programmes should already have obtained a bachelor degree when they submit the application.

Nationality: The applicants must come from and should be nationals of one of the developing countries on the Master Grants country list (PDF). Priority, however, will be given to the categories on the country list with the lowest levels of development and income. Priority will also be given to students applying for an ICP-programme whose country is not on the VLIR-country list but on the UGent list.

Language and proficiency: The application is to be made in English. The applicant should have a very good command of the English language. Click here to see the requirements.

Applicants who already received a Master Grant in the past, are not eligible.

Application Procedure
New students, which are students who never applied before for a Master Grant, need to take the following steps:

Send an e-mail to with the following information:
  • Title of your e-mail: Admission - Master Grant 2014-2015
  • Content of your e-mail ;  Your first and last name (surname) separately, The complete postal address
  • The date and place of birth
  • The programme you are applying for
  • A confirmation that you have read, understood and accept the admission requirements
The application form will be sent by e-mail to you after an application file has been opened in our database.

Send your completed application form  together with all the required documents before the 23rd of December 2011 to the International Admission Desk. Postmark date will serve as proof.
If the outcome is successful, then the International Admissions Desk will forward the application and letter of admission to the Department of Research Affairs. No further action needs to be taken by the applicant.

Once the Research Coordination Office gets your application from the International Admissions Desk, you will be informed by e-mail.

Application students already in their first Master at Ghent University

Send an e-mail to  with the following information before the 1st of March 2014:
  • Your full name
  • The complete postal address
  • The date and place of birth
  • The programme you are applying for
  • A scan of your admission letter

Submission Deadline
New students: 24th of December 2013
Students already in their first Master at Ghent University and students already having official admission to Ghent University:
  • time till the first of March 2014 to ask for the application form
  • time till 31st of March 2014 to send the soft and hard copy of the filled in application form
Contact Details
The relevant question can be addressed at

Other Information
Decision of the selected applicants will be in June 2014

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