ASME-IPTI’s Petroleum Division Scholarships, USA

$140,000 in scholarships is provided by the american society of mechanical engineers international petroleum technology institute asme ipti 300x123 ASME IPTIs Petroleum Division Scholarships 2012ASME-IPTI’s Petroleum Division

The purpose of this scholarship to “promote student interest in engineering in the petroleum industry.” Areas of interest can be as broad as: Drilling, Completions, Facilities, Pipe Lines, Rigs, Operations, Materials, Equipment Manufacturing, Plant Design and Operation, Maintenance, Environmental Protection and Innovations.

  1. Submit a maximum of two page and a minimum of one page, typed, double spaced essay detailing the student’s interest in the petroleum industry, what challenges the industry offers them and what value they may add to the industry.
  2. Provide a letter of recommendation from a Section Faculty Advisor or teacher from the disciplines of engineering, math, and/or science.
  3. Provide an official transcript of current enrollment from an ABET accredited (domestic) university or equivalent (international) college’s registrar office (xerox and electronic copies and/or faxes are not acceptable).
  4. Be a current member in good standing of ASME.

Application Procedure
Please check the application procedure at the web link below

Submission Deadline
October 15, 2012

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